Bound by Fear and Superstition

I used to pray to saints and all sorts of idols for wealth, good health and protection from misfortunes. I thought all religion led us to the same Creator. But frankly, after doing all the rituals I felt more anxious. Misfortunes still happened, so I thought I was not doing enough to find favour with the idols.

I grew more unsure and anxious. I avoided funerals in case I might accidentally step on some offerings or joss sticks and incur bad luck. Though my family was not close to my father when he was alive, I made sure we were careful in his death rituals. We burned “hell money”, paper maché mansions and servants, lit oil lamps, laid out 3 meals a day during his wake as was advised by the “experts”. Although we did not understand what we were doing we did it just to be on the safe side. We did not want more misfortune.

I praise Jesus Christ that when I turned to Him I found I need be fearful or anxious any longer. I obeyed His instructions in the Bible and was baptized in water by full immersion on 30th August 2003. Shortly after that I knew God has accepted me when I received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues, just as the Bible promised. Now I know that there is only one God and He has shown me that I can interpret life and death according to what He says in the Bible.