Suspected Lymphoma or Leukaemia

When I was 8 years old, what initially appeared as a normal bout of tonsillitis suddenly deteriorated alarmingly. My lymph nodes began to swell and they hardened. When the family doctor saw me, I was immediately admitted to hospital.

The doctors took my blood regularly for tests. They found my red blood count kept falling while the white count was shooting up. When my father told the doctor that my uncle had died of leukaemia the doctor could not look at him. They had suspected that I had either lymphoma or leukaemia.

The doctors then had to drill my hip bone to extract bone marrow to confirm which cancer I had. When they started the procedure, I was not fully anesthetized, so I screamed and struggled in pain.

You can imagine what my father felt when the doctor came out to tell him that they had to do it a second time as I was struggling! He had to cry out to the Lord and surrender the whole situation to Him.

When the procedure was done, the test results showed my blood had returned to normal! Praise God!