Son's Hands on Hot Iron

It was a Sunday morning and we were rushing to leave for church. I had just finished ironing, switched off the iron and left the room. My son, David, then only about 3 years old, wanted to be helpful by putting away the iron. He used both his hands to pick up the iron – one hand held the handle and the other on the hot metal plate.

Because I had just finished ironing, the iron was still hot. David screamed, and I rushed to him immediately. There was no time for us to seek medical attention as we had to rush for the meeting. I just held him in my arms and kept praying in tongues. I kept praying from the time we left the house until the meeting was almost over. By then, David’s cries had softened from loud screams to intermittent sobs.

I looked at his hands and saw there were just 4 red spots on his palm. The skin on the rest of his hand was normal. Praise the Lord there was no peeling of skin or blisters that would have been consistent of a burnt hand. There were no scars on David’s hand either. Praise the Lord!