Dengue fever

In November 2005, I came down with dengue fever. I had constant high fever of 38 to 40°C, body aches, rashes, and vomited whatever I ate. I was very weak. To monitor my blood platelet count, I had to undergo daily blood tests. After 2 weeks, the doctor told me that I had to be hospitalised immediately as my platelet count was too low.

However, before I came down with dengue fever, I had been witnessed to for a while. I never put much thought to it until my first night in hospital, when the doctors told me I may need a blood transfusion as my blood platelet count was dropping dangerously low. I was fearful at the thought of it. As I was lying in the hospital bed, I cried out to the Lord for the first time in my life, asking Him to show me if He was there.

The next morning, I had a blood test. The doctors came back to my bedside looking shocked, telling me that my blood platelet count had shot up to a normal level and could be discharged immediately. They could not explain how everything became normal overnight, but I knew that the Lord had answered my prayer!

Praise the Lord, I was born again later in March 2006, and have been walking with Him ever since.