Car Accident

I came to the Lord in year 2006 during a Kids’ Camp by receiving the Holy Spirit through the evidence of speaking in tongues and baptised by full immersion in water.

One Sunday morning in 2009, my mother and I were travelling to church by taxi. As the taxi drove through a cross junction, a junction, another car dashed across from the adjacent road and banged into taxi on its right. The taxi swerved and spun 90 degrees.

Praise the Lord, no one was injured. The car did not collide into the taxi body; only the headlights were damaged. Had the taxi been travelling any faster, I would definitely have been hit directly by the vehicle as I was sitting on the right passenger seat.

The blessing did not end there. Just as we were getting late for the meeting, a sister from the assembly saw us and gave us a lift to the meeting. Praise the Lord for protecting my mother and me.